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Can I use the new DVC3 software on my old DMX interface?
All the latest generation of DVC2 interfaces will be compatible with DVC3 software. The hardware references are:

- DVC2 512 (SIUDI8C or SIUDI9A)
- DVC2 128-M (SIUDI9A)

If you have an older interface (SIUDI1, SIUDI2, SIUDI5A, SIUDI5C, SIUDI6A, SIUDI6C) it is not possible to use DVC3 software.
Upgrade offers are available if you are interested in exchanging your old interface with a new interface.

See the "Identifying your hardware" user manual topic for more information.

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DVC3 beta software

Full DVC3 beta installer

Changelog : see the forum

DVC3 Beta Software

Light up your performance

Easy Remote - tablet and smartphone lighting controller for DVC3

DMX Lighting Control Software

Daslight is famous for its ease of use. Simple and intuitive DJ light software for discos, clubs, bars, live shows and more. Virtual Controller 3 is going to be your best friend for all your lighting projects. No lighting console needed! With the features of a more expensive controller, Daslight gives you a lot of power at an affordable price. Now with iPhone, iPad and Android control along with a free 3D visualizer included. Daslight is a must have for any serious light jockey.

Live Range

Architectural Range

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